SHACC Programs

For families and children enrolled, our mission is to provide a safe, clean, comfortable, loving environment, where children can build positive relationships with their peers and trusted adults. We use play-based learning in structured (teacher-led)  and unstructured (child-led) learning activities to nurture and develop each child’s social, emotional, and intellectual stages. We encourage children to explore the world around them, think for themselves, and verbalize their feelings and needs. We strive to create a developmentally appropriate and culturally inclusive classroom environment that reflects each child’s unique abilities.

Supporting Development

The age range for each of our programs overlay slightly, leaving SHACC with the opportunity to advance or retain children based on development. This ensures that children are given the time they need to develop in areas that need improvement, rather than moving into classrooms that are not a good fit for them.

Foster Independence

Each classroom is set up in centers that include blocks, dramatic play, books, gross motor, fine motor, and creative expression. Free play is a daily part of the curriculum and means a child has the opportunity to choose which center or activity he/she participates in. This promotes independance, creative expression, and the development of important social skills.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is an opportunity for children to run, jump, climb and use their bodies in ways that would otherwise be unsafe in an indoor classroom.  The outdoor learning environment is an extension of our indoor classrooms. Outdoor play is important to a child’s physical development and is included in both the morning and afternoon schedule for each of our programs. 


Infant Program

Our infant classroom is designed to be a soothing environment so that babies do not get easily overwhelmed. In the infant classroom we partner with families to follow each child’s individual schedule and needs. At SHACC we believe fed is best and babies are fed on demand. We can accommodate breast or bottle fed babies.

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Toddler Program

Our toddler classroom is designed to a very welcoming environment with items that encourage children to feel at home such as family photos or child artwork. These items are displayed low enough for toddler to see easily. In the toddler program we encourage children to express themselves and their individual interests. We foster communication skills by engaging children in conversation during activities such as circle time and meal times. Teacher communicate with families daily to share how each toddler is doing and any new skills that have been developed.

Preschool Program

 In the preschool classroom we work on kindergarten readiness, ensuring your child has the necessary skills to be successful in Kindergarten. We follow Head Start Early Learning Standards when planning learning activities. Independence is an important skill for Kindergarten. At SHACC we partner with families to ensure each child has opportunities to build this skill outside of the classroom.

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