Sheridan AllPrep Academy


Our blended-virtual program is open free of charge to all K-12 students in Oregon.

Curious about learning at home? Ready for a new adventure?

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We provide a tuition-free, accredited learning experience for Oregon students in grades K through 12.

SHAPA offers a variety of curriculum choices from K through 12th grade. We offer online courses, blended learning, and textbook courses. We find a selection that works best for your student. SHAPA meets for field trips, learning labs, STEM labs, and 3-day Outdoor School adventures. We believe in getting together, learning and growing!

We understand that no one schooling solution fits all students. We have worked to develop programs that blend online learning, in-person instruction, and hands-on learning opportunities for our students. Sheridan AllPrep Academy encourages all students to help develop their own educational program. Our goal is for students to embrace learning and become community members who contribute to the greater good of society.

SHAPA understands that all students learn differently. Parents and students work with our counselor to find the right individualized plan of online courses, textbook materials and dual credit for college courses.