SHAPA Curriculum: Your Choice

Stipend for Curriculum

$500 per semester for 

curriculum purchases.

Stipend for Enrichment

$100 per semester for 

enrichment purchases.

Stipend for

$25 per semester for 

supply purchases. 

Request for Reimbursement

Click below to request reimbursement. 

Curriculum Purchase Process:

1. SHAPA Families choose their curriculum, enrichment, or supplies from the pre-approved list below.

2. Submit receipts to request reimbursement.

The 23-24 SHAPA Reimbursement Request form is used to request reimbursement for purchases you made. The deadline for regular curriculum reimbursement requests is Sunday, March 31st. 

The 23-24 SHAPA Curriculum Order Request form is used to request that SHAPA make a purchase for you. This form should only be used by families who have indicated they have a financial hardship by filling out our Family Income Verification Form. Requests are due by March 31st, 2024.


Click here to read the Student Stipend Guidelines. 


Contact Kale Budgeon:

Please reach out with any questions about the curriculum, enrichment, and supply stipends. 

Q: What if we are interested in a curriculum that is not listed on the pre-approval list? 

A: Before purchasing, reach out for approval. Without approval, you may not receive reimbursement. Reach out for approval here:

SHAPA Pre-Approved Curriculum List

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Stipend Amounts

$500/semester for curriculum
$100/semester for enrichment
$25/semester for supplies

animation, colors, pencil-1298762.jpg

Request for Reimbursement

Request your reimbursement by clicking above.