Q. Do students have to live within the same district as the school?

A.  No.  As a Virtual Charter School we can accept students from anywhere in the state of Oregon.

Q. Are you an accredited school?

A. Yes.  We are fully accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC).  For more information about accreditation, please go to www.advanc-ed.org.

Q. Are your teachers certificated?

A. Yes.  All of our teachers are certificated in the state of Oregon and highly qualified to teach classes in many subject areas.

Q. Are all of your classes online, or can students use books?

A. Many of our students and parents choose to use books instead of our online curriculum.  Most parents prefer books for very young students and choose to phase in the virtual curriculum as students become older.  Although the majority or our high school students use our virtual curriculum, books are available at the high school level as well.

Q. If we are currently registered as a home-schooled family, do we need to unregister as such once we enroll in your program?

A. Yes. We are a public charter school. Once your student enrolls with us, he/she is considered part of the public school system.  However, we frequently partner with home school families that register with our school.  Families continue to have the flexibility of educating their own children while we provide additional resources at the request of the family.

Q. I have a four year old who is already reading. Can I enroll my student at the age of four into Kindergarten at your school?

A. No. Your student must be five years old prior to September 1st of any given year in order to enroll in our Kindergarten program.

Q. What are the graduation requirements for your school?

A. Currently, a student needs 24 credits to graduate.

Q. Is it possible to get credit for work experience?

A. Yes.  Many of our high school students work in addition to attending school.  Students can earn credit for work experience.  Students can also earn credit for project based learning activities.

Q. Is it possible for my student to take an elective course at our local school?

A. We encourage families to talk directly first with their local school’s principal. We have experienced great success with this particular scenario. It does however require the approval of the local school’s principal to allow your student to be on school grounds during school hours.

Q. Can my student still play sports at our local school?

A. Sheridan AllPrep Academy currently has an Associate Membership with the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) which allows students from our school to play sports at their local school.  Contact your local coach or principal for more information.

Q. What are the options for early college?

A. High school students (usually juniors and seniors) can earn dual credit by enrolling at their local community college independently.  Any credit they receive for completing college courses will also be reflected as high school credits earned.  Students need to submit a transcript of college credit earned to the Sheridan AllPrep Academy registrar to ensure they receive high school credit as well.

We also have four early college options through our school: Chemeketa Community College, Portland Community College, Clackamas Community College, and Sophia (online courses).  See our Early College page for more information.

Q. Does my student have to take any state tests?

A. Yes.  All students in grades 3-8, and grade 11 who are enrolled in an Oregon public school are required to take the OAKS (Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) test.

Q. Where can I take the SAT?

A. SAT testing is done in a variety of places including McMinnville, Portland, and Salem.  To find your nearest testing location, please go to the SAT Test Center Search.

Q. Your program states that teachers do home visits every month. Is that a requirement, or is this part of your program flexible?

A. We have learned that every student requires an individualized approach. At our school, the staff and teachers strive to make every experience a positive one. For example, if your family would prefer less home visits but more email interaction, then we are happy to make this accommodation for you.  If you do not want any home visits, we are adept at working completely virtually.

Q. Do you have field trips?

A. Yes.  We schedule at least four field trips every school year.