We understand that students are unique.

SHAPA offers a combination of online courses, in-person enrichment, and personalized curriculum.

SHAPA believes…

The mission of Sheridan AllPrep Academy is to empower families by creating an online learning community that offers academic and social support while preparing students for a successful transition to post-secondary education and the world of work.


SHAPA offers a variety of choices to meet your student where they are and help them reach their goals.

Individualized Learning

How does your student learn best?

SHAPA provides a combination of challenging online courses, traditional book courses, learning applications and in-person learning opportunities. Your student will meet with our counselor to determine the best fit!

Mentor Teachers

In-Person meetings 

We believe that students work best with support. This support comes from the Learning Coaches at home, and from dedicated teachers and counselors at school. Our team meets regularly with our students to encourage, problem-solve, and support our families.

Live Labs

Field Trips + Outdoor School

For those interested, our school offers in-person labs, field trips, and Outdoor School experiences. Students can learn together, form friendships, and explore the world.