About Us

SHAPA: Sheridan AllPrep Academy

Welcome to SHAPA! We are a public virtual charter school in Oregon. We admit students in grades K-12 from anywhere in the state.

SHAPA Elementary

SHAPA Elementary students start the year with a selection of book and online curriculum as well as a school chromebook. Students learn at home using a variety of books and online resources. Mentor teachers work closely with students and families to provide curriculum support and enrichment activities in many areas, including Art, Coding, Typing and Spanish.

SHAPA Middle School

Our Middle School serves students in grades 6-8. To start their school year students check out a school chromebook and receive books and online courses. In addition to core academic courses, students have the opportunity to participate in enrichment, including: MS Spanish, Gardening, Career Explorations, Typing, Social Time, Book Club, and other family-led courses and areas of discovery. 8th grade students have the opportunity to take high school courses for credit.

Middle School Course Catalog

SHAPA High School

Our High School serves students in grades 9-12+. Students check out a chromebook and select from a variety of core courses to fulfill their graduation credit requirements. Students work closely with their mentor teachers and counselor to develop a course of study appropriate for their goals. In addition, many students participate in Early College, a program free to students who are ready to take courses at local community colleges.

High School Course Catalog

Early College Program


Our students say it best:

SHAPA has allowed me to gain experience in a college classroom. This has not only allowed me to get college credit, but also to learn how to get involved in classes and how to communicate effectively with both students and professors. SHAPA has also given me the opportunity to participate in the National Honor Society. I am very thankful to everyone who has helped my through my high school years as a member of SHAPA.

SHAPA has allowed me to pursue my educational goals and has been very supportive in helping me to achieve my education. They helped me reduce my time at university from 4 years to 3 by taking early college classes.

SHAPA Education means a lot to me I was not doing so great before SHAPA as soon as I joined SHAPA it has helped me catch up, stay on track and learn everything I was missing easily. I thank SHAPA Education because I am now graduating on time.

I actually really appreciate Shapa’s weekly counselor check in’s, I feel like that was one thing that always held me accountable and pushed me to work harder. Also all the resources provided to us.

Shapa has given me freedom to choose classes and subjects that are interesting to me. I am grateful for the opportunity to take college classes in high school and the support and encouragement of my mentor teacher, who helped me out whenever I needed it! Shapa is great!