Our Mission

For Families and children enrolled, our mission is to provide a safe, clean, comfortable, loving environment, where children can build positive relationships with their peers and trusted adults. We use play-based learning in structured (teacher-led)  and unstructured (child-led) learning activities to nurture and develop each child’s social, emotional, and intellectual stages. We encourage children to explore the world around them, think for themselves, and verbalize their feelings and needs. We strive to create a developmentally appropriate and culturally inclusive classroom environment that reflects each child’s unique abilities.

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Questions? Please contact our Childcare Director, Christine Budgeon at:



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For students participating in the Education and Training CTE Program, our mission is to create a safe and welcoming environment that provides real-world opportunities for hands-on learning, and skills development to ensure future success in the workplace.

SHAPA CTE students:
  • can work in the classrooms
  • will learn from mentor childcare professionals
  • can achieve certifications
  • will develop career plans for a future in education
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Visit the SHACC website to learn about scheduling, tuition and fees, program information, calendars, and more. We welcome your questions! 

Sheridan AllPrep Children’s Center Director: Christine Budgeon, cbudgeon@sheridanallprep.org